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This pioneering range of standalone AVIATOR High Gain, Intermediate Gain and Low Gain antennas features an aerodynamic profile and a small footprint for optimum performance.

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From the AVIATOR HGA-7001 to the LGA-3000, this family of phased array fuselage and tail cap mount Inmarsat antennas is ideal for e. g.  air transport aircraft, business aircraft, surveillance aircraft and helicopters.


AVIATOR antennas feature precision navigation sensors and GPS antennas and are designed for use on Inmarsat  SwiftBroadband, SB200 and Classic Aero (H/H+/Swift64) services. 


The High Gain models take steering commands from any ARINC 741 compatible system so there is no need for a separate Antenna Control Unit (ACU) or Beam Steering Unit (BSU) - improving empennage weight distribution and simplifying installation. In fact, the AVIATOR Antenna range includes the lightest HGA on the market.

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