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Cobham Antenna Systems lightning testing facility provides comprehensive lightning testing services and consultancy.

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Cobham's comprehensive range of lightning testing and consultancy services include:

  • In-depth knowledge of the direct and indirect effects of lightning strikes
  • Wide range of testing services at a fully-equipped lightning simulation laboratory in Abingdon (UK) with mobile equipment also available for off-site testing at customer premises
  • Consultancy on all stages of aircraft lightning protection design and certification through review, testing and analysis
  • Computer simulation and modelling of lightning effects in complex structures and installations, including airframes, avionics and wind-turbines systems
  • Advanced in-house training courses on aircraft lightning protection as well as tailored short courses at customer premises

Direct and indirect effects of lightning strikes

Cobham Antenna Systems staff have comprehensive experience in lightning protection through consultancy, testing and analysis for regulatory requirements, and advice on all stages of aircraft certification for both direct and indirect effects of lightning. [Read more]


High voltage lightning testing

High voltage DC and impulse testing is used to determine where lightning attachment points can occur and whether items, such as radomes or wind turbine blades, would be susceptible to damage or puncture by initial lightning attachments. [Read more]


Lightning immunity equipment testing

Cobham provides testing of avionics and ground-based equipment to national, international and company-specific standards to determine immunity to lightning-induced transients. [Read more]


Computer simulation and modelling of lightning strikes

Cobham's extensive test facilities are supplemented by bespoke software simulation and modelling tools developed to solve lightning current distribution and induced voltage problems in complex structures such as airframes. [Read more]


Lightning protection training courses

Cobham's lightning protection training courses are aimed at professional engineers working in the field of aerospace design, development, manufacture and certification. [Read more]

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