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The Opera-2d and Opera-3d packages are state-of-the-art software tools used throughout industry, research and education for a wide variety of applications.


Advanced Training Classes for these software packages provide additional information and techniques for customers with some months of experience using Opera. Topics covered include building better models, discretization strategy for improved accuracy, advanced solution algorithms, parameterization and improved use of the command language. In addition, users who received training in earlier versions of the software are brought up to date with recent developments.


Ideally, delegates to the courses should have attended an Introductory Course in Opera-2d and/or Opera-3d and be familiar with operating the software interactively. The courses include examples from many different applications, providing users from a wide range of disciplines with new ideas for their particular design requirements.


Although the courses do not include "hands-on" sessions, delegates are provided with scripts, helping them explore some of the advanced features on return to their workplace. Tutors on these courses have many years experience using Opera in real design calculations and are in daily contact with other Vector Fields' customers.

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