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Hands on software training course in machines design using Opera.

This two-day, "hands-on" course, introduces existing users of the Opera software to successful use of the programs for modeling electrical machines. Course instructors with years of experience in the field of electrical machines modeling and design present a series of lectures focusing on the electrical engineer's perspective to FE-aided modeling of motors and generators.


The course briefly describes electrical machine technology before introducing pre-processing aspects of electrical machine modeling:


  1. The significance of mesh quality on different structures
  2. Techniques that aid the designer to construct efficient and accurate models
  3. Setting up models for eddy current evaluation
  4. Permanent magnet fields.


Post-processing aspects of machine modeling focus on extraction of key machine parameters such as:


  1. Flux linkage and inductance computation
  2. Back-emf evaluation
  3. Torque computation using Maxwell Stress and Energy Methods


Aspects of modeling the following types of machines are covered:


  1. DC
  2. Brushless DC
  3. Induction
  4. Synchronous
  5. Switched Reluctance
  6. Hybrid Steppers


For more information and examples of using the Opera Software suite in designing all types of electrical machines or to sign up for our free introductory webinar please visit our motor, generator and actuator design applications website


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