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Hands on software training course for magnet design using Opera.

This two-day course for magnet system design introduces the specialist features of Opera-2d and Opera-3d. The course covers all aspects of magnet design and modeling including superconducting and permanent magnet systems. Course instructors with many years of world class magnet design experience present a series of lectures giving electrical engineers and physicists the benefit of their experience in the use of finite element analysis methods.


The course covers a wide range of magnet technologies:


  1. MRI
  2. Accelerator lattice magnets
  3. Separators
  4. Passive & active shields
  5. Kicker magnets
  6. Cyclotrons
  7. RF cavities
  8. Target magnets
  9. Spectrometers


Aspects of pre-processing are covered to help Opera users construct efficient finite element models. These include:


  1. Coil modeling, including super-conducting coils
  2. Ferromagnetic and conducting materials
  3. Permanent magnets
  4. Use of boundary conditions for efficient modeling
  5. Meshing


Successful post-processing and acquisition of accurate results is paramount in this technology and the course focuses specifically on obtaining:


  1. Field distribution and harmonics
  2. Inductance and stored energy
  3. Forces on coils and structures
  4. Stresses in materials and conductors


The course also explains other important topics including:


  1. Eddy current analysis
  2. Power dissipation and thermal analysis
  3. Shielding configurations
  4. Superconducting systems
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