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Introductory, advanced and application specific training courses are held throughout the year. Bespoke training options are also available.

"Virtual prototyping" using computer based electromagnetic design is vitally important in many application areas today, from DC to RF and Microwave. In the training courses run by Vector Fields, course instructors with many years expertise present a series of lectures giving electrical engineers and physicists the benefit of their world class experience in the use of finite element analysis methods.


Introductory Training Courses

Our Introductory courses introduce the world leading, state-of-the-art, electromagnetic design software packages Opera-2d and Opera-3d to new users. Consequently they are useful for both potential users who wish to evaluate the products and designers who have not had the opportunity to use Opera before.


Using lectures, demonstrations and "hands-on" practical sessions, the courses develop the users understanding of the facilities available. No previous experience of numerical methods is necessary. Background theory is presented in an easy to understand format ensuring sufficient understanding for accurate and efficient use. Simple examples introduce the major features of the programs, building into an extensive and flexible suite of facilities available to the designer for future work. Ample opportunities are given for delegates to model their own illustrative application examples with expert guidance from the tutors.


Advanced and Application Training Courses

The Advanced and Application courses are for users with experience of using the software, who wish to take advantage of the advanced features of the packages, concentrate on a particular application and/or focus on the enhanced capabilities of the latest releases. Application courses on "Magnet Technology", "Motor Design", and "Modeling of Charged Particle Beams" are available.


An Advanced Opera-3d course is also available.


Course Schedule

The forthcoming dates are published under the events section of our website and the courses can be booked by downloading the registration form above.

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