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Fast and efficient finite element simulation of all magnetostatic, electrostatic and DC current flow problems in 3 dimensions.

The static electromagnetics simulation module (know historicly as TOSCA) has a well proven track record in the modelling and design of many applications including:

  1. Motors and generators
  2. MRI systems
  3. Particle accelerator and fusion magnets
  4. Transformers
  5. Scientific apparatus
  6. Magnetic signatures
  7. Cathodic protection
  8. Recording heads
  9. Electromagnetic shielding
  10. Electron lenses


Features include:

  1. Non-linear modelling of magnetic material characteristics including permanent magnet and 3rd quadrant operation
  2. Highly accurate calculation of magnetic fields from conductor sources with solutions for some magnets providing calculation of homogeneity at parts-per-million accuracy
  3. Lossy dielectric materials in coupled DC current flow and electrostatic multi-physics simulations
  4. Input is through the Opera-3d Modeller with calculations. The Opera-3d Post-Processor is used to select and view and output results.


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