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The rotating machines analysis module; CARMEN/RM, can be used to compute electromagnetic fields including the effects of eddy currents on rotating moving systems of arbitrary number of moving parts.

Parts of the model are allowed to move independently at speeds controlled by the user. The analysis is a transient analysis, with eddy currents being induced in conducting media both through the effects of the moving magnetic fields, and through the time variation of the model sources.


Motion can be fixed speed, fixed acceleration or variable acceleration (user defined). Full mechanical coupling is supported whereby motion results from the electromagnetic forces. The user is able to couple ordinary differential equations to model detailed aspects of the motion, such as rate dependent friction or viscous flow.



  1. Multiple moving regions
  2. Eccentric motion
  3. Eddy currents in conducting regions
  4. Linear, or nonlinear, permeable and conducting materials with isotropic or anisotropic properties may be specified.
  5. Hysteretic material properties (requires Magnetization & Demagnetization module)
  6. Extract torques, torque profiles and other forces
  7. Calculate copper, iron losses and machine efficiency


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