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Simulate high frequency electromagnetic systems. Include displacement current in your calculations. Fully integrated with Opera-3d.

SOPRANO is the high-frequency analysis program in Opera-3d. It includes displacement current in the field equations so that it can model devices whose size is significant in comparison with the wavelength at operating frequencies.


SOPRANO/EV is an eigenfrequency analysis that will find a specified number of modes for a given system above a given frequency or those that lie within a specified frequency range.


SOPRANO/SS now includes various boundary conditions:

  1. Absorbing boundary condition with user-defined wave impedance.
  2. Surface impedance boundary condition.
  3. Incident and total electric field boundary conditions.
  4. Current source boundary condition.

The first of these provides field termination, whereas the last two may be used to excite a device. Use of the surface impedance boundary condition allows materials of high, but finite, conductivity to be modelled efficiently.


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