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Dynamic simulation of electromagnetic fields including eddy currents produced by time varying sources

Four simulation modules for time varying electromagnetic fields including eddy currents are available; time harmonic (steady state AC), fully transient, linear or rotationally moving DC fields.


Dynamic simulation captures skin effect in conducting materials and can include non-linear magnetic, anisotropic and hysteretic behaviour.


Multi-turn coils in models can be connected to external circuits or can be specified with a defined current. Redistribution of current in bulk, current carrying coils and bus-bars can also be included. Transient simulation can also be performed with coupling to the Simulink system simulator.


Coupled electromagnetics and thermal multi-physics modelling can also be achieved by linking the dynamics and thermal simulation modules. Temperature dependent electric and magnetic material properties may be defined using analytical expressions or look-up tables.


Applications include:

  1. NDT Equipment
  2. MRI systems
  3. Eddy current heating
  4. Electrical machines
  5. Recording heads
  6. Electron lenses
  7. Particle accelerators
  8. Fusion magnets
  9. Electromagnetic shielding


Features include:

  1. Time harmonic field analysis
  2. Transient fields analysis
  3. Non-linear materials
  4. High speed linear or rotational motion analysis (for motional invariant problems)
  5. Hysteresis effects (including hysteresis losses and stored energy) - Requires Magnetization & Demagnetization module.
  6. Adaptive time stepping


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