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Electromagnetic design in three dimensions. Design, simulation and optimisation software for three dimensional electromagnetic and multi-physics applications.

A finite element environment for the complete analysis and design of electromagnetic applications in 3 dimensions. It has been developed over three decades and has a highly successful track record for modelling and design of a very wide range of applications.


The environment includes facilities for fast and accurate application simulation including geometric modelling and post-processing capabilities.


It contains a suite of simulation modules, capable of solving a wide spectrum of static, low frequency and RF electromagnetic applications.


Typical application include:

  1. Motors and Generators
  2. Actuators
  3. Sensors
  4. Magnetic Shielding
  5. NDT Equipment
  6. Magnetic Separation
  7. Magnetic Levitation
  8. X-Ray tubes
  9. Electron Lithography
  10. Induction heating
  11. Scientific Apparatus including MRI
  12. RF Cavities
  13. Accelerator Magnets
  14. Magnetic Signatures
  15. Ion Sources


Features include:

  1. Fully featured geometric modeller with an easy-to-use interface, including De-featuring and healing capabilities and CAD import and export facilities
  2. Automatic Finite Element Mesh Generation
  3. Non-linear, Anisotropic and Hysteretic Materials
  4. Coupling to external circuits and system simulators
  5. Powerful Post-Processing including ability to compute energy and power, force and torque, contour maps of any variable, harmonics analysis and particle trajectories.
  6. Powerful scripting language allowing automation, parameterisation
  7. Design Optimisation


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