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Couple time-varying forces produced by electromagnetics to mechanical equations of any order. Includes X-Y motion or axial motion for axisymmetric geometries.

Linear motion simulation extends the transient eddy current simulation module to include the effects of rigid body motion.


The model can have Cartesian geometry where motion can be in both X and Y directions. The model can also be axisymmetric, where the motion is restricted to the axial direction.


Windings in the model can be connected to external circuits which may be defined through a circuit layout window. Alternatively the transient simulation may be connected to the Simulink system simulator. 


User defined coupling to mechanical equations is available as well as specification of functional drives to define the action of electronic controllers accounting for position or current feedback.


Coupling to ordinary differential equations may also be added to simulate other mechanical components connected to the moving part in the electromagnetic model.


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