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Electromagnetic design in two dimensions. Design, simulation and optimisation software for electromagnetic and multi-physics applications where the third dimension is not significant.

A finite element program to simulate electrical engineering designs in two dimensions. It includes a Pre and Post-Processor environment and analysis modules. The software can be used as a "virtual prototyping" tool, allowing conceptual designs to be tried and tested quickly and easily.


The software also simulates the mechanical and thermal effects of a device, including coupling to the electromagnetic fields.


It can be used for both axisymmetric and Cartesian geometries, if the third dimension is not significant.


Typical applications include:

  1. Motors
  2. Accelerator Magnets
  3. Generators
  4. Actuators
  5. Sensors
  6. Magnetic Shielding
  7. NDT Equipment
  8. Magnetic Separation
  9. Magnetic Levitation
  10. X-Ray tubes
  11. Electron Lithography
  12. Induction heating
  13. Magnetisation process of permanent magnets
  14. Scientific Apparatus including MRI


Features include:

  1. Automatic finite element mesh generation
  2. Non-linear, hysteretic and anisotropic materials
  3. Coupling to external circuits and system simulators
  4. Powerful post-processing including ability to compute energy and power, force and torque, contour maps of any variable, harmonics analysis and particle trajectories.
  5. Powerful scripting language allowing automation, parameterisation
  6. Design Optimization


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