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Machines design in two dimensions. 2D Machines environment: for electric motors, generators and actuators in two spatial dimensions.

A powerful interface for motor and generator designers


Cobham offers a number of specialist, high-level design environments that focus the proven computational power of Opera software on to particular application areas.


The environments provide ready-made generic designs, together with application-specific data entry and advanced optimization techniques, all expressed in the language of the application.


The environments provide a strategic framework for the design, analysis and optimization of your electrical products.


The advanced facilities can boost the productivity of your engineers and get your design to market with reduced time and cost.


Many machine types with unlimited variations

  1. Induction (Asynchronous) Machines
  2. Brushless DC
  3. Permanent Magnet Machines
  4. PM External Rotor
  5. Wired Synchronous Machines
  6. Switched Reluctance



Define your machine with industry standard slot/bar shapes and real dimensions



Written in Opera command language, enabling full customization:

  1. Edit geometric features
  2. Add new machine variants
  3. Add post-processing calculations
  4. Add new analyses



Compatible with all related solvers/modules:

  1. Statics (Includes non-linear materials)
  2. Dynamics (harmonics and motional coupled)
  3. Hysteresis/(De-)magnetisation
  4. Thermal
  5. Lossy Dielectrics
  6. Stress
  7. Graphical Circuit Editor


Accelerated design and optimization

  1. Build, solve and post-process a complete machine from scratch in minutes!!
  2. Choose from comprehensive selection of standard analyses
  3. Optimizer integration for a complete automated design cycle

Integrated with industry standard design tools

  1. CAD import
  2. SPEED™ interface
  3. Simulink®
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