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A complete design, simulate, analyse, optimise tool chain for the virtual prototyping of electromagnetic systems including wider multi-physics effects.

Cobham Technical Services - Vector Fields Software and its product Opera have been at the forefront of finite element electromagnetic analysis for more than twenty-five years.

Opera is a general-purpose finite element software suite for the design and optimization of electromagnetic devices in two or three space dimensions. It is fast, accurate and cost effective. Opera is designed to run on laptop and desktop computers.

The software has been in continuous development since 1984 and is used for industrial and scientific use throughout the world. With Opera, you can analyze a huge range of devices.


You can design:

  1. prototype engineering models
  2. high-tech low-volume specialist products
  3. one-off international experiments
  4. consumer products for mass manufacture


In technical terms, Opera gives accurate numerical solutions to real-world problems in:

  1. electrostatics and magnetostatics
  2. low and high frequency electromagnetics


Opera has a wide range of capability that includes:

  1. moving parts (linear and rotational motion)
  2. sinusoidal and transient time-dependence
  3. non-linear materials
  4. external circuits and system engineering
  5. device optimization


In addition, Opera addresses related problems in:

  1. ion optics
  2. thermal analysis
  3. stress analysis

This scope gives you the ability to design and optimize many types of electrical devices, such as: magnets, coils, transformers, motors, actuators, switches, loudspeakers, alternators, micro-machines, X-ray tubes, MRI scanners and particle beam devices.

Opera provides a powerful virtual prototyping facility to accelerate your design process to achieve optimal solutions.

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