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Cobham's technologists have created some of the most innovative wind turbine slip rings. Cobham offers compact, reduced-size, and maintenance-free wind turbine slip rings for all environments

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Wind turbines require reliable transmission of power and data signals from the nacelle to the control system for the rotary blades of a wind turbine system. At Cobham our engineers have designed and crafted some of the worlds most innovative wind turbine slip rings over the last 15 years. We manufacture a diverse range of wind turbine slip rings for renewable energy applications.


Cobham is a major supplier of standard and highly-customised wind turbine slip rings to meet specific customer requirements for the transmission of power, data, optical and RF signals, including contactless solutions, pneumatic couplings, and fiber optic rotary joints.


The wind turbine industry is on a quest for high-reliability to reduce the servicing burdon, this has encouraged Cobham to devise non-contacting slip rings making the systems resistant to changes in environmental conditions and load variations and wear of the brushes.


Our wind turbine slip rings range offers compact, reduced-size, or maintenance-free Slip Rings capable of operation in all environments.


Here at Cobham our main priority is to ensure the highest wind turbine slip ring quality level, along with a full commitment to customer support.


With over 40,000 wind turbine slip rings in operation, in every corner of the globe, in every type of environment, trust Cobham's Slip Rings to power-up your wind turbine project.


Please contact us should you need further assistance on our Slip Rings.

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