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Cobham Aerospace Communications has developed a unique expertise in Slip Rings and Twist Capsules over 60 years of experience

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Cobham Aerospace Communications is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrical Slip Rings (also named Slip Ring Assemblies - SRA) and Twist Capsules, which allow an electrical link between a rotating and a stationary part.


Cobham's Slip Rings use stacked technology as basic design. This allows 100% modularity and accessibility of the conducting rings. Stacked designs allow also the use of PTFE insulation materials and advanced gold plating or silver multi-fiber technologies for extended lifetime and high reliability.


Our range of Slip Rings and Twist Capsules, either standard or custom-built, covers most applications (μA to kA, μV to kV, DC to 500 MHz, mW to MW). Other functions can also be provided and integrated, such as contactless transmission, microwave joint, fiber optical rotary joint , hydraulic joint, encoder.


Strong technical skills have been developed from our very first Slip Ring made in 1946. Since then, the strength of Cobham is its ability to develop new solutions and to introduce them as an innovation to the market. Our employees are all dedicated on assuring the reliability and high performance of the Slip Rings and Twist Capsules we deliver to our customers.



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