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Instrumentation Slip Rings for various defence, naval, aerospace and industrial applications, for testing behavior, vibration levels, and other technical parameters for operational validations and qualification purposes.

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Cobham engineers specific slip rings for instrumentation purposes, to meet any special requirements for various types of civil, industrial, aerospace or military applications.


These slip rings are instrumentation-quality, assembled and designed to be used with strain gauge, thermocouple, and other sensor signals, in addition to transmitting electrical power.

Cobham slip rings may be deployed in various environments - ground, tunnel, sea, flight test - which tend to be severe and require components to survive a wide range of dynamic testing situations.  Cobham slip rings provide dependable, instrumentation-quality signal connections for use in a variety of harsh conditions.

Please contact us should you need further assistance, or if the desired slip ring solution does not appear on the Cobham website.

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