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Cobham slip rings have been developed and qualified for various food and beverage processes, such as bottling, labeling, filling, and packaging machines.

Cobham designs and manufactures slip rings to meet the most stringent requirements of the food and beverage industries.  They are qualified and engineered to withstand the demanding filling and bottling process requirements found in beverage industry environments.


Our expertise and contact technologies, developed over the course of 50 years, enable superior data transmission performance and ensure process efficiency.



  1. Stainless steel construction
  2. Full environmental sealing capabilities (e.g., IP 65)
  3. Reliable power & signal transmission
  4. Modern data communication interfaces (e.g., RS-422, RS- 485, PROFIBUS, CANbus, DeviceNet, EtherNet, etc.)
  5. Standard off-the-shelf or customized designs (with or without through-bore)
  6. Maintenance-free
  7. Gold-on-gold technology for signal and data integrity
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