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Cobham slip rings have been developed and qualified on various military vehicles, ranging from main battle tanks to infantry vehicles for command controls and to transmit power, data and other signals to and from turrets.

Cobham designs and manufactures slip rings to meet the most stringent requirements for the transmitting of electrical power, electro-optical and other high bandwidth signals to and from the turrets of military vehicles. Our slip rings are engineered to withstand the harshest environments and demanding requirements specific to main battle tanks, infantry vehicles, fighting vehicles, and other armored vehicles.

Our multiple-contact technologies enable high performance of on-board systems and sensors, ensuring mission efficiency.  With high reliability and an extended service life, Cobham slip rings deliver years of cost-effective operation. 

The technology and expertise developed over 50 years has allowed Cobham to become a leading and recognized supplier to major defense companies.  We're fully dedicated to providing customers with the most appropriate solution, including NBC filtering.



  1. Multiple contact technologies
  2. Power and data transmission
  3. Low life-cycle costLow electrical noise
  4. Meets military shock, vibration, and temperature requirements
  5. High reliability and resistance to extreme environments
  6. Extended life
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