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Cobham slip rings have been developed and qualified on several light, medium, and heavy helicopters to supply power and transmit data through the main and tail rotors

Cobham has designed and manufactured slip rings to meet the stringent requirements necessary to transmit electrical power through main and tail rotors for rotor blade de-icing, blade folding, and/or rotor tip lights operation, as well as data transmission. The slip rings have been designed to helicopter manufacturer specifications, integrated and qualified to ensure years of safe flight operation.

The technology and expertise developed over 50 years allow Cobham to offer slip rings that perform  several 10s of millions of rotations to under severe environmental conditions, while providing low life-cycle cost through limited maintenance operations.



  1. Reduced size and weight
  2. Power and data transmission
  3. Low life-cycle costLow electrical noise
  4. High reliability and resistance to extreme environments
  5. Extended life  
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