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Cobham offers a wideband, multi-transceiver cognitive radio platform operating with up to four cooperative transceivers for efficient MANET scalability. The radio has been field tested as a company level radio in large scale network integration exercises.

Cobham has developed a wideband, multi-transceiver cognitive radio for tactical communications.  The phy layer and waveform have been optimised to support large scale MANETs using a cooperative multi-transceiver design. 


The Software Framework allows our application development partners to take advantage of the multi-transceiver operation to perform ELINT, SIGINT, EW and other applications without interfering with the MANET operation.  The radio has multiple data rates to adapt to environments where extended range is a priority or where frequency re-use is critical and has been fielded tested as a soldier radio for dismount operations and has a vehicle variant for platoon and company level communications. 


The radio system includes:

  • a wideband, four transceiver radio
  • body worn antennas
  • omni antenna
  • push to talk (PTT) application device with external I/Os for an additional PDA
  • battery and charger


The radio system has been tested with industry leading headsets for dismount and vehicle operation.

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