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Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions

We provide critical solutions for communication on land, at sea, and in the air and space, by moving data through off-the-shelf and customised products including RF, microwave, and high reliability microelectronics, antenna subsystems and motion control solutions.


Cobham Aviation Services

We deliver outsourced aviation services for military and civil customers worldwide through military training, special mission flight operations, outsourced commercial aviation and aircraft engineering


Cobham Communications and Connectivity

We are recognised as a world leading supplier of robust, high performance equipment and solutions that enable reliable connectivity anywhere, anytime, in the most demanding environments.


Cobham Mission Systems

As the world’s leading supplier of critical control solutions, we help our customers to increase the safety and mission capabilities of their personnel and equipment in extreme environments.

Cobham plc

Unmanned Systems

Cobham Unmanned Systems is a leading provider of integrated homeland security solutions and unmanned platforms, utilizing over 30 years of expertise in this highly specialised field.

Cobham Unmanned System' mission is "To develop machines, equipment and systems that protect or replace human beings in situations where their presence would be either impossible or place them at great risk".


Whether the task at hand is disarming an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) with a remote controlled robot; investigating NBC hazards with an unmanned sensor platform; or deploying mobile, fully networked measurement, monitoring and intervention systems to ensure the safety and security of critical infrastructure, Cobham's top priority is always the protection of people and their surroundings.


Cobham Unmanned Systems' product range includes mobile unmanned sensor platforms with manipulators for taking samples of suspicious substances; vehicles equipped with state of the art robots for detecting and disarming of Improvised Explosive and Incendiary Devices (IED's); and integrated mobile systems for dealing with full spectrum of asymmetric threats.



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Unmanned SystemsCobham acquired Telerob in January 2011 and it is now part of the Mission Equipment SBU, Unmanned Systems product range. Unmanned Systems is a leading provider of integrated homeland security solutions and unmanned platforms, utilising over 30 years of expertise in this highly specialised field.


The full Telerob product range can now be found at therefore, has been closed and you have been automatically redirected to


Here you will find the same extensive information for telemax, tEODor, NBCmax, OSCAR and TEL600 Service Vehicle products that was previously available on, alongside information for the other products within Cobham Mission Equipment including Air-to-Air Refuelling; Auxiliary Mission Equipment; and Weapons Carriage and Release.


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Remote Controlled Robotic Solutions

More than 700 Cobham Unmanned systems are in service today, supporting bomb disposal officers and first responders in nations around t...

EOD - IEDD TEL600 Service Vehicles

The TEL600 series is a family of vehicles which deal with the demanding tasks associated with the location, identification and removal...

Unmanned Systems Support Services

Together with our partners worldwide we ensure the constant availability and readiness for use of your valuable products and systems.
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