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Cobham Mission Systems, Westminster, USA

T: +1 410 871 9966

Cobham Mission Systems, 711 Corporate Center Court, Westminster, Maryland, USA  21157.

T: +1 410 871 9966

F: +1 410 871 9960


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Carleton Technologies, Inc. dba Cobham Mission Systems


Space Systems

From off-the-shelf tanks for commercial satellites to customised application-specific designs, Cobham's is a market leader in Space propellant, pressurant and oxygen tanks for space applications.

Cobham's large propellant tank offering is second to none when it comes to supporting new science missions, where weight and performance requirements are extremely high.  With the reality of price pressures in commercial space endeavours, Cobham offers a large suite of low cost DOT tanks and tank derivatives ideally suited for commercial space endeavours.


Propellant Tanks  

Cobham has designed, developed and qualified the largest composite xenon propellant tank ever flown. This high performance titanium-lined, carbon composite pressure vessel was qualified to launch with 992 lbs of xenon at 1,250 psig. The full assembly weight of the tank and skirt is less than 49 pounds. This hand laid-up, autoclave cured skirt design is an extremely lightweight and effective solution for integrating the propellant tank with the spacecraft structure.


In a recent endeavor with NASA, Cobham designed, developed and qualified the world's first demisable composite propellant tank that disintegrates upon re-entry into the atmosphere. This high performance aluminum-lined, carbon composite pressure vessel is qualified to launch with 1,202 lbs of Hydrazine at 400 psig and is designed to hold up to 1,600 lbs.


CompositesWorld Magazine Story:

Space mission maximized via minimized survivability




space2Pressurant Tanks

Cobham's line of lightweight composite pressure vessels are well suited for use as pressurant tanks for actuation systems, hydraulic systems, cold gas propulsion systems and blow-down systems.  These systems are qualified to EWR - 127-1 and AIAA S081 and have flight heritage on a number of platforms.




space3Oxygen Tanks

Cobham's inconel lined oxygen tank was qualified for NASA and has been used as part of a space environmental control life support system. For more information on our space life support and propulsion systems. For more information on our sapce life support and propulsion systems, please see Space Life Support and Propulsion Systems.




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