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Cobham 80th Aniversary, 1934 - 2014

Safety and Survival

Cobham’s market leading Safety and Survival systems increase mission effectiveness and survivability by leveraging technology expertise in restraint and release, actuation, gas management, and water sensing.


Oxygen Systems

Cobham, with its world leading core capability in gas management and gas separation systems, has oxygen systems in virtually all aerospace and defence applications.


Space Life Support and Propulsion Systems

From the design of the first breathing regulator for Project Mercury, to a full suite of hardware and cutting-edge pneumatic subsystems for the ISS, Cobham has engineered some of the most complex, challenging space components in existence today.


Tactical Control Systems

Cobham tactical control systems are found in demanding military applications, such as weapon ejection, weapon control systems and cryogenic infrared cooling, where precision control and rapid actuation is required.


Nitrogen Inerting

With world leading core capability in gas management and gas separation systems, Cobham’s nitrogen inerting systems inert fuel tanks to prevent explosion and inert closed electronics spaces.


Thermal Management

Cobham specialises in vapour cycle, platform-mounted personal cooling systems, helping to prevent heat stress in Soldiers, Marines, and Aircrew in extreme environments and electronics cooling for high power electronics.


Composite Pressure Solutions

With expertise in composite filament winding, Cobham designs and produces high performance composite pressure vessels and hybrid integrated structures for alternative energy, life support, military and commercial aircraft, and spacecraft applications.


Package Testing

For over thirty years Cobham has provided dependable, easy-to-use, CE-compliant package-testing solutions for packaging companies in industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, food, and industrial.

Cobham plc

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