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Cobham 80th Aniversary, 1934 - 2014

Cobham Aerospace Communications

Siemens uses Cobham slip rings in Danish wind power stations to produce the equivalent of 12% of Denmark’s consumption need


Cobham Antenna Systems

Cobham is the world’s leading supplier of Avionic-standard TETRA systems, with ten years experience in fielding TETRA in aircraft


Cobham Aviation Services

Cobham’s fleet of BAe 146 aircraft carry half a million passengers a year and can operate using unsealed runways, unique in the Australian jet market


Cobham Mission Equipment

Cobham is a leading provider of integrated homeland security solutions and unmanned platforms, utilizing over 30 years of expertise in this highly specialised field


Cobham Defence Electronics

The EA-18G Growler Carries Cobham’s Low Band Transmitter (LBT) and Integrated Antenna and Radome


Cobham Life Support

Cobham pioneered the first On Board Inert Gas Generation System (OBIGGS) application for the AH-64 Apache helicopter in 1985



Cobham delivered 600 EXPLORER satellite communications terminals to Elektro Brazil, for the largest ever Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) delivery project in Brazil


Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance

Reduce the impact of major incidents with solutions to underpin a fully-informed single or multi agency network. Absolute situational awareness enables real-time decision making, with robust and flexible surveillance solutions offer peace of mind


Cobham Celebrates its 80th Anniversary

Founded by Sir Alan Cobham in October 1934 as Flight Refuelling Limited, the company remains true to its core as an air-to-air refuelling pioneer while progressively adding to its technology portfolio

Cobham plc

Life Support


Life Support


Cobham is a world leader in equipment for use in extreme conditions, in five key capability areas:

  1. Aviation Oxygen
  2. Safety & Survival
  3. Cooling Systems
  4. Actuation & Control
  5. Space Systems

Cobham Life Support is the US military’s preferred source for pilot oxygen regulators, monitors and associated test equipment, with On Board Oxygen Generation Systems (OBOGS) enabling increased mission duration and flexibility. Safety and Survival.


Personal survival products automatically release the parachute, inflate the life vest and provide a breathing passage for ejection seat aircrew. In addition, restraint systems prevent crash related injuries in aircraft and ground vehicles, with aircrew equipment qualified for use onmilitary aircraft such as the F-4, F-5, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18 and F-22A. 


Cobham is a leading designer and manufacturer of On Board Inert Gas Generating Systems(OBIGGS) increasing safety by inerting fuel tanks on commercial and military airframes. Cobham’s diving products are used for MCM/EOD and Special Forces operations.


Cooling Systems

Specialising in precision pneumatic engines, Cobham is the world’s largest supplier of tactical linear Stirling-cycle cryogenic coolers for infrared and other optical equipment, e.g. to detectand defeat surface-to-air missiles. The Division provides systems for Infra Red (IR) cooling in the Javelin, EKV and THAAD programs. Highly effective personal cooling equipment includes the Air Warrior micro climate system, enabling aircrew to operate for extended periods in harsh environmental conditions. 


Actuation and Control

Sophisticated electro-explosive actuatedvalves, gas storage devices and pneumatic actuation and control technology for demanding military and space applications are provided, including missile fin actuation and deployment subsystems for the JASSM and Paveway and the Tactical Tomahawk Missile.


Space Systems

Cobham Life Support also supports the major launch vehicle and satellite market with its pyrovalve and electro-explosive actuation technology, with customers including Lockheed Martin, Boeing Satellite Systems, Orbital Sciences Inc, Pratt & Whitney and Astrium.



Cobham plc, Brook Road, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 2BJ, UK.

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