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Cobham Defence Electronics, Clearwater, USA

T: +1 (727) 531 3399

Cobham Defence Electronics, 4700 140th Ave, North, Suite 104, Clearwater, Florida, USA  33762.

T: +1 (727) 531 3399

F: +1 (727) 536 0263


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Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions Inc. dba Cobham Defence Electronics


Gimbal and Pedestal Systems

Standard Positioning Systems


Cobhams product line consists of the SPS-500, SPS-1000, SPS-2000, SPS-4000, SPS-6000 and SPS-8000 series positioners, which vary primarily in size and torque capability. The design and construction techniques are largely similar and constitute a rugged COTS design suitable for land, marine, and airborne gimbal applications.


Some of the key features found in each positioner series includes direct drive brushless motor and resolvers to achieve a virtually no-wear design configuration resulting in a high reliability, quiet/low noise operation and low life cycle cost product. The only wear item, the bearings, are dual pre-loaded angular contact bearings designed to last the life of the product.


The modular construction allows Cobham to configure the positioners for a variety of payloads including variable width yoke configurations and T-Bar designs, special configurations, and 3-axis gimbal systems.


The resulting designs are sufficiently flexible to allow the systems to be tailored for high dynamics applications (over 1200°/sec and 1200°/sec2 have been achieved), high stiffness for wide rate and positioner loop bandwidths, and allows adaptation of a wide variety of payload configurations with through pedestal cabling for remote control of the payload sensors.


Other features of the SPS product line include all aluminum construction to achieve a lightweight yet stiff product, the mechanical pieces are anodized and painted with a rugged, weather resistant powder coat epoxy paint, the hardware, except in high load bearing areas, are stainless steel, and all steel parts, including hardware, are nickel plated. The positioner's standard features include cushioned end stops, mechanical stow locks, cable wrap, software settable limit switches, safety switch and MS connectors. The design, including the bearings, is designed for a minimum 20-year life.


 A summary of Key Advantages of the SPS series positioners:


  1. Modular / Adaptive Design
  2. Lightweight - High Payload Capacity
  3. High Resolution and Accuracy
  4. Digital Control / Analog Tuning
  5. MIL Spec Design / COTS Availability
  6. Designed for Stabilized Applications
  7. High Reliability / Brushless Design
  8. Low LRU Count / Low MTTR
  9. Numerous Options Available
  10. Temperature, EMI, Water Tightness Tested


products-positioners-sps250SPS-250 & SPS-350

The SPS-250 and SPS-350 Series positioners are designed for lightweight airborne and ground mobile applications. The SPS-250 and SPS-350 positioners are available as single, 2-axis or 3-axis configurations with weights ranging from less than 23 pounds to 50 pounds, depending on the configuration.  
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The SPS-500 Series positioners were designed to fill the gap between low-cost, inaccurate, pan/tilt devices and custom-designed positioners. The SPS-500 is easily man-portable and supports payloads up to 75 pounds.

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The SPS-1000 Series positioners are ideal for supporting multi-sensor payloads with long focal length lens, and supports payloads up to 150 pounds. The SPS-1000 is transportable and is ideal for Homeland Security / Force Protection applications. 

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The SPS-2000 Series positioners are Cobham's mid-range Precision Positioner, and is capable of being used as a light-weight range tracking mount. The SPS-2000 supports payloads up to 400 pounds.

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The SPS-4000 is a heavy-duty, large payload positioner designed for shipboard and land-based applications. It provides a rugged and reliable means of accurately positioning payloads such as CCD cameras, IR devices, antennas, lasers weighing up to 800 pounds.

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The SPS-6000 was developed for Time, Space, Position Indication (TSPI) applications, and can support payloads up to 1,200 pounds. It is capable of deploying as a mobile EO system and supports a variety of sensors including laser rangefinders, thermal inagers and telescopes.

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The SPS-8000 was developed for large imaging telescopes and beam directors weighing up to 2,000 pounds. It is capable of deploying as a moble E/O System and can be configured as a Coude' path gimbal to support apertures up to 1.5 meters. 







SPS-250  (pdf - 495KB)

SPS-500 (pdf - 70KB)

SPS-1000 (pdf - 96KB)

SPS-2000 (pdf - 110KB)

SPS-4000 (pdf - 108KB)

SPS-8000 (pdf - 112KB)



SPS-250 & SPS-350

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SPS-6000 Precision PositionersThe SPS-6000 was developed for large imaging telescopes and beam directors and is capable of deploying as a mobile...

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